Are you aware of what are all you take with your Toothpaste

Every morning with or without your conscious you are having your brush full of chemicals. Though you do it for the sake of your tooth you must be aware of it consequences. Conventional toothpaste what most of us use 2 times a day on 365 days consists of some harmful toxins.

The first thing we are into notice about a toothpaste is fluoride.


Fluorides are used to strength the teeth and reduce the risk of cavities. Not only toothpaste , mouthwashes also have a good amount of fluorides. But we are not aware of the flip side of toothpaste. Fluorides can change the color of our tooth and also it affects the enamel coating of our tooth.

The next thing we should notice is the chemical which causes foam in the paste,

Sodium Lauryl sulfate

This chemical is responsible for the foam in the paste, this is a soap which gives the paste a creamy texture. We usually equate the cleanliness of our teeth with the foamy consistency of a paste but the thing is it can badly harm your gums.


People with sensitive teeth to hot, cold or sweets use sensitivity pro-toothpaste where the addition of potassium nitrate can benefit them but it is only a sedative treatment. That is you are out of pain for some time not cured out of sensitivity.

Now comes the whitening factor of a paste,


This chemical is responsible for the whitening your teeth. This silica is the same we saw in small packets which are with caution “Do not eat”. The amount may be small but we are having it slowly 2 times a day. And also it only cleanses your surface, whitening your teeth can be possible by your dentist.

These above-mentioned chemicals not only harm your mouth but also it can make serious damages when it enters your stream. It is a threat to your overall health.

So what are the other alternates you can go for, this seems to be insane because since our childhood we don’t know anything other than paste to maintain our oral health. But there are certain options that we may consider and possibly we can reduce the times we use toothpaste per day.

Sea salt – You can make use of sea salt with lemon mixture as the best alternate to your toothpaste.

Baking soda – Baking soda with few drops of peppermint oil can give you healthier teeth than any other toothpaste.

Herbal tooth powders – there are various herbal tooth powders available in the market.




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