Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

A hilarious video of a photographer setting up a mirror and motion sensors to see the reaction of animals to their own reflection has been released. The result of the project if mind blowing and very funny too. In the video it shows that when chimps see mirror they take advantage of the opportunity to preen themselves .On the other hand leopards and gorillas paw and charge at the familiar-looking creature. The experiment has been performed by French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre.

He kept a mirror in different locations and filmed the wild animals walking by. He travelled to Gabon with his wife just to do the project. He set up motion sensors that trigger the cameras whenever some thing walked close to the mirror. The cameras were hid in security boxes so as to capture the image without creating trouble. The results are amazing and funny to watch. A leopard tries to feel the other leopard that he can see in front of him. A huge silver back gorilla attacks the mirror after staring at the reflection for a while. It attempts to confront what he thinks is another animal. An elephant also stares at it for a while and later just walks off. A group of chimpanzees spend time near the mirror just acting naughty which is very funny to watch. Some of them even stare at the mirror grooming themselves. Mr Brierre said the experience was a thoroughly enjoyable and fun.

Discarding the attacks by various insects found in the African undergrowth and also the long days work in the dense jungle. He also says that he had to clean up the glass every other hour as the animals were so excited about it and were around it so much. It is @mazing how only a few animals were able to recognize their own reflection like humans. It is called the mirror self- recognition test. Only a few animals in the animal kingdom are can recognize their own images in the mirror whereas most animals respond to seeing their own reflection with aggressive behavior. On the other hand a Eurasian magpie is the only bird that was able to recognize itself in the mirror and pass the mirror test. Dolphins are known to be the best at recognizing themselves in the mirror. They are also known to see and cherish their own reflections.



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