Ancient Cure For Diarrhea, Salmonellosis, Gastric Ulcer, Colitis

Ancient Cure For Diarrhea, Salmonellosis, Gastric Ulcer, Colitis And Many More – It Heals In 5-7 Days Without Any Surgery

If you eat pomegranate, then make sure not to toss the peel, but rather dry it and keep it in your home pharmacy as it is an excellent thing to help you in curing infections and entrails disorder. There is a Russian recipe which is considered the most effective herbal cure in the world which inhibits all pathogenic bacteria in the whole gastrointestinal tract in the human body. The following recipe will help you with dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, appendix inflammation (without any surgery), salmonellosis, and typhus.

How to fully cure diarrhea and salmonellosis in 5 hours?

Get 1 part of dried pomegranate peel and 20 parts of boiled water. Warm one cup or glass and put 10-12 gr of the dried peel and pour 200 ml of boiled water. Cover it with a sauce and let it stay for 25-30 minutes. You may drink it afterwards. Do not toss the peel. The cup or the glass has to be beside the patient. The preparation is the same for all the diseases.

How to sure dysentery, diarrhea, typhus, cholera and inflamed appendix?

The mixture is prepared in the same way as explained above, but the patient has to drink half of the cup/glass of it without straining it. After each sip cover the cup/glass with a sauce. If after 10 minutes you feel relaxed and better, it means that you only had diarrhea and the process of curing is finished. You are free to go anywhere as the issue has been solved. However, if you don’t feel well, it means that you have either dysentery, typhus, cholera or inflamed appendix, thus you have to stay at home and drink the rest of the mixture. The process should continue in the following 3 days, and you will feel much better after 5 hours from the beginning of the curing process.

How to cure gastric ulcer, small intestine ulcer, colitis, and bacterial dysbiosis of entrails?

You should prepare the mixture in the following way: let it stay 25-30 minutes and then start drinking it. During the day drink 20-25 ml of it 4 times in same intervals, first drink it in the morning on an empty stomach, and the last one before going to bed.

You shouldn’t drink it each day, but every second day, so drink the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and the 7th day, and do not drink it the 2nd, 4th, and the 6th day. This will be enough for a complete curing. If you want to continue with the treatment for, let’s say, gastric ulcer, you need to make a break of 1 week after the first treatment.

IMPORTANT: do not strain the mixture; do not drink alcohol during the treatment; the ratio of the dried pomegranate peel and water needs to be 1:20 as if it is different it may cause nausea and headache.

The root of the matter is that in the whole gastrointestinal tract the pathogenic bacteria are being ruined the whole time, the healthy ones remain, and on that place new ones appear which are important for the human being. This cure has been used by Hypocrites who cured wounded people. He used to lay a cotton material on the wound previously soaked in the mixture. The wound had to be kept moisty the whole time.


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