Amazing Nutritional benefits of Turnip Juice

Turnips are economical, healthy and easy to prepare and cultivate and full of vitamin C and some essential amino acids. One cup of boiled turnips yields only 35 calories while providing 18 mg of vitamin C. The turnip tops which many cooks discard are even more nutritious than the roots themselves. One cup boiled greens provides 40 mg of vitamin C, about 200 mg of calcium and 300 mg of potassium. They are also great source of beta carotene, an important antioxidant that the body converts to vitamin A.

Turnip can be consumed in many ways, you can boil them, or you can add them in your soups, and another best way is to make a turnip juice with that. Turnips juice cannot be taken alone, since it has a little bitter taste. So  it should be mixed with other fruit juices.

Preparation Method:

You can cut 2 turnips in to pieces,

Add the pieces to a blender and extract the juice,

You can mix orange juice with it, it can add a nice flavor to the turnip juice.

Health Benefits of Turnip Juice

  1. Turnip juice has high concentrations of nutrients that help the body fight diseases like liver and bladder problems, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. It has powerful antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer, help liver to process toxins, inhabit the growth of tumor, and finally fight with the side effects of carcinogens.
  3. Drinking turnip juice daily is an effective way to lose weight and fight obesity.
  4. It also reduces anemia.
  5. The high concentration of Vitamin C in it helps in clearing lung and bronchus congestion and improving blood circulation.
  6. Turnip juice helps to remove body odor.
  7. This nutritious juice helps to remove kidney stone.
  8. Turnip juice lowers bad cholesterol in the body, preventing heart attack, strokes, blood clotting and various heart diseases.
  9. Drinking turnip helps to calm your nerves.
  10. It also strengthens bones and teeth, as it is a good source of potassium and calcium.
  11. It prevents cataract.
  12. Turnip juice acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It helps cure asthma or can curb the symptoms of asthma.
  13. It is good for maintaining the structure of capillaries as it is rich in flavonoid.
  14. It reduces free radical level in the body.



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