Amazing Nutritional benefits of Custard Apple

Custard Apple are known by various names in various countries. It belongs to the family of Annonacea. The fruit grows in a small decideous tree, its origin lies with Africa, Mexico and Peru. The shape of the fruit is so unique. The thick skin is green or black in color, the pulpy fruit with many seeds is sweet in taste. This fruit is commonly called as bullock’s heart due to its shape. Besides all these, custard apples are packed with so many nutrients in a single fruit.

Nutritional Value

Niacin                    – 0.500 mg

Pantothenic acid – 0.135 mg

Riboflavin             – 0.100 mg

Vitamin A              – 33.00 IU

Vitamin B6            – 0.221mg

Vitamin C              – 19.2 mg

Calcium                  – 30.00 mg

Potassium, K         – 382.00 mg

There are various types of custard apple, like African Pride, Pinks mammoth, late gold, Geffner etc.

Nutritional Benefits

1.For a Better Immune System

You can clearly see that from nutritional values, that custard apples are rich in vitamin C content. Other than citrus fruits it is the only fruit which has high Vitamin C. This vitamin C plays the very important role in improving your immune system. One serving of this fruit can provide you resistance from all types of infections. Its anti inflammatory properties fight with free radicals, and helps to maintain our immune system strong.

2.Anti Cancer Agent

This fruit contains acetogenin and alkaloids, that can reduce the risk of cancer, and rental failures. It acts against cancer cells  and protects the normal cells. Its anti inflammatory properties helps to fight with the free radicals which causes damage. The bark of custard apple contains astringent properties and tannis, which is used in preparing medicines for cancer in herbal supplements.

3.Maintains Brain Health

Custard apple is rich in vitamin B complex, which helps to maintain the chemical levels of neurons in the brain. This helps to maintain stability, acts against anger, Stress, depression etc. It also do good for people with Parkinson’s disorder.

4.Helps for a better vision

The vitamin A and vitamin C content of custard apple helps in maintaining the vision health stronger. This helps in maintaining good eye sight.

5.Stronger Digestive System

This delicious fruit is good in treating indigestion, It flushes out the toxins from the intestine, aiding proper functioning of the bowels. It protects us from digestion related problems like ulcer, heartburn,acidity, gastritis. Even the unriped , dried custard apple is used to treat diarrhea and dysentery.

6.Skin Rejuvenation

Custard apple contains many nutritional properties which is really good for your skin health. It naturally contains vitamins A, C, and B which helps in protecting your skin from various hazardous infections. The paste of custard apple is helpful in treating skin cancers and boils. It improves the collagen and slow the skin breakdown and improves the elasticity of the skin. The increased elastic property helps you to maintain your skin young and beautiful. It acts as a anti aging agent. It promotes a healthy cell membrane, the antioxidants helps in hastening the process of regeneration. It also protects from the harsh rays of sun, and acts as a shield from sun damage.





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