The 8 Shaped Walking for your healthy Body and Mind

Walking is a fun, cheap and safe way of being fit and healthy. Walking also delivers you a fresh mind and whole lot of energy that helps you to push your day with more power and happiness. Among the various walking techniques “the 8 Shaped Walk” or the “Infinity walk” is one of the best, which helps your body to stay healthy rather than your usual walk.

Infinity walk may appear to be the easiest thing to do, but the task involves a lot of coordination. An infinity walk is a therapeutic process of developing coordination and certain areas of cognitive functioning. Infinity walks were developed in the 1980s by clinical psychologist Deborah Sunbeck, and involves walking in the figure eight pattern.

This infinity walking is usually used as a therapy to small kids to bring coordination in their legs and eyes. But it is also very useful for people in all ages, to get them proper coordination among the various body parts.

How to do the infinity walking

  • You can do this in a properly ventilated room or a garden or even in the parking. The total length of the area should be a minimum of 12 feet.
  • Place two chairs or small objects 4-5 feet apart,
  • Starting from the middle of the objects , start walking inside out.
  • Imagine a large eight shape with the objects being the center of the upper and lower circles of a 8.
  • Continue walking for 20-30 minutes.

Benefits of Infinity walking

  • Walking in the eight pattern helps you improve eye-hand coordination. During walking in the 8 shape our entire body ( hip, abdomen etc.) is twisted and all our organs are activated.
  • It reduces the sugar level in the blood and reverses your diabetes and its complication within a year of regular 8 walking twice daily for half an hour.
  • It helps you to get relief from blocked nose or sinusitis easily.
  • It helps develop your body’s awareness levels and also helps improve concentration.You can learn more about balance and rhythm through this walk.
  • The walk has the ability to help one build new skills. It also helps gain confidence and helps you be better coordinated.
  • Try doing the walk on a regular basis and you will begin to respond to changes in the environment, and will be able to channel it into systematic skill-building.
  • Infinity walk has been used by therapists around the world for patients with brain injury .
  • It helps a person in developing multisensory integration, especially in those with learning disabilities.

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