8 Easy ways to keep your motivation high

One fine evening I was sitting with my cup of coffee  in my usual restaurant, there I was able to have an unusual conversation with a total stranger. That conversation gave me the whole insight on how we are failing and starving to motivate ourselves daily. Motivation is not only needed when you are on a mission but also to do simple chores at your home. Start and end are the cycles we go through daily , but we did not realize after the start , it is the motivation that backs you up to a happy and the successful end to that process  you are into.

Whenever we start a new thing , we get excited to a different level. But after a few days, that feeling dies down. We sadly push ourselves to end it  like anyway.we really doesn’t want to do the project or follow through the plan, but the motivation inevitable drops  away. This article is dedicated to discussing on Zen ways of motivating   ourselves into action.

1.Daily goals:

It is easy to be excited whenever you start with something , so use that to trigger you daily. Start setting a goal the day, that you can accomplish and that you care about. By starting with small goals daily helps you in maintaining the excitement  motivation throughout the project till you attain your goal.

2.Connect with yourselves:

Deeply understand the reason , why you are here and why you want to achieve the goal you are working on. It should be a reason that resonates within you , that you deeply want to achieve. Now you can write the “why” reason in a note and paste it somewhere visible.

3.Pen down your list:

You can always see people undergo a completion compulsion syndrome, that is if you are doing a watching a film , you will have the compulsion to know the end of that film. So apply the same here. Make your own list of small things to do. Start following it daily.

4.Share the deadline:

Set a deadline for the task you want to complete and a consequence you won’t be able to ignore.  Now share this deadline and the consequence publicly to your friends/ partner or colleague.  You can also share that to your social networking groups. This helps you to create a watch alarm to get the motivation to run to attain the goal.

5.Find your group:

Humans are social animals, you can use this advantage to create a group of friends or colleagues who are also trying to attain a goal as similar to you. Sit and work with them make a to do plan that works for both of you.

6.Savor the trust in you:

We always lose the trust in ourselves whenever we lag the motivation factor so, no one other than you can back you up to do things. Try to have a strong trust in you. Give some time to savor your feeling of accomplishment. Share your victory with your close ones.

7.Quick rewards:

As we said, like to fix small goals. The rewards also to be the one we can quickly get. Like if I finish this task , I can have a coffee. So create a system where you can finish the tasks within the day and get your rewards at the end of the day.

8.Fill yourself with knowledge:

Knowledge is the most vital factor that keeps on your motivation high. Have a practice of learning things on your daily routine related to your work , education or interest. When you start learning the nuances of your goal, there is no way you can deviate from that.



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