7 Lifestyle changes to get rid of Acid Reflux

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A dream is the result of your good night’s sleep, but for some people a good night’s sleep is itself a dream. 4 out of 5 people around us suffer from GERD ( Gastro esophageal Reflux disease) Commonly called as Acid Reflux. The discomfort and the bitter taste can make sleep uncomfortable many a times. But this acid reflux is mostly preventable using some lifestyle and diet changes. But it is like the one which works for one might not work for the other.

Here we shall discuss some changes you can include in your lifestyle to getter relieved from acid reflux.

Eat smaller meals

The main reason behind the acid reflux is when the acid in your stomach enters the food pipe, it causes a burning effect in your esophagus, and sore throat etc. So by taking small meals you can avoid filling your stomach full. The acid has some space inside your stomach and it do not pressure to reflux.

Sleep on your left side

This tip can work you better to avoid the reflux. When you sleep on your left side, your stomach will be on your lower side so the acid will stay in it, what happen when you sleep on your right side is your stomach becomes upside down letting the fluids run in the esophagus.

Reduce your Weight

Heartburn often just gets worse as you gain weight, but losing as little as two and a half pounds can help reduce heartburn symptoms.

Raise your Bed

Raising the head of your bed six to eight inches can help gravity keep gastric acid down in your stomach. You could also use a wedge-shaped support. Don’t use extra pillows, as they only raise your head and will not help with GERD. You need your entire upper body elevated to get relief.

Avoid foods that can cause reflux

If you’re at risk for GERD, avoid:

  • Fatty foods
  • Spicy foods
  • Acidic foods, like tomatoes and citrus
  • Mint
  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Coffee or any caffeinated beverage
  • Carbonated beverages

Give a gap between your dinner and Bed time

Wait at least three hours before you lie down after a meal. Gravity normally helps keep acid reflux from developing. When you eat a meal and then stretch out for a nap, you’re taking gravity out of the equation. As a result, acid more easily presses against the LES and flows into the esophagus.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

When you quit smoking, you can see the best relief from acid reflux. Even alcohol is also one of the main reason for heavy acid secretion in the stomach.


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