6 Tips to teach Your kid to behave properly in Public

Only moms with toddlers know how complicate a weekend shopping can be. Whenever we take them out for shopping we assume this time it will be little more better, but the real life is it got worst every other time. When you say no to anything they ask tats all, everything would be ruined in a minute. And finally the maniac in us comes out without a choice.

So here is the tips to teach your kid to behave properly while shopping,

Tip 1: Know your time bound

Every kid has a level of patience , according to that the time limit differs, toddlers can be kept for 30 minutes only. Kids can be peaceful for an hour. So asses your kids level, fix your shopping time before you start.

Tip 2: A little talk before stepping out

This tactic is not only for shopping, you can use it wherever you take them out. Sit with your kid and explain them what to expect and what not to. What are the rules they are going to follow while they are out.

Tip 3 : Be prepared

Pack hand sanitizer, wipes, snacks, leapsters or iPods.  I try not to have electronics at the store, but if I know that I will be out for a long time, pack easy non messy snacks for your kids. Don’t forget to take a stroller with you.

Tip 4: Patience is more important

While explaining your kids about there facts make up your mind also. After all they are kids they cannot understand all that you say. So prepare yourself for a less messy shopping experience.

Tip 5: Thank them

Everyone likes to be encouraged.  Do this during the trip.   Remember that if you compliment one child, the others will try to rise to the expectations to receive the same compliments.

Tip 6:  Don’t Bribe them

Every time you go out dont encourage them with a practice of buying anything they ask for the sake of keeping them calm, this will make your kid struggle a lot in the future. Buying them for a little surprise is ok, but learn to say no atimes to your kid.



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