Five Natural Detox Drinks For Losing Weight

Weight loss is a difficult and sometimes long process. Many people put themselves on specific diet regimes, go to gyms or just starve themselves. To drop the extra pounds you need a balanced diet, right amount of exercising, persistence and effort to succeed. But also you need to eliminate the damaging toxins in order to melt fats effectively and enhance your metabolism. This procedure is called detoxification and in other words, cleansing.
With this process, burning fats and losing weight can be done safely and naturally. There are many detox drinks that you can make in your home. The important thing is they are 100% natural and of course very cheap.

Here is the list of five detox drinks:

1.Cabbage Juice

For cleansing the liver cabbage juice is the best option. With cleansing the liver you are cleaning your body. To prepare the detox drink, put some cabbage, pears and carrots in a blender and enjoy your drink.

2. Lemon and Cucumber

The effects of lemon and cucumber on weight loss are well known and confirmed by experts. For this drink blend 1 cucumber with a lemon juice from one lemon. Drink this two times per day to upgrade your metabolism.

3. Cranberry Juice

It can boost and enhance your metabolism. This is fundamental because after burning, fats will be converted into energy and won’t be accumulated in the body. This detox drink can also help you in cleansing the organism from alcohol and nicotine. For optimum results drink about 32 ounces of 100% cranberry juice on a daily basis.

4. Salt Water Cleanse

When starting a detox process, first you have to cleanse your digestive tract in order to adapt your body for weight loss and detoxification. In one liter lukewarm water add 20 grams of sea salt and stir it well. Then drink and relax. You should expect that this liquid will be quickly dismissed from the body.

5. Lemonade Cleanse

Lemonade cleanse is between the most popular drinks for weight loss. Celebrities use this detox agent because it’s very efficient and it also helps improve the skin complexion. Prepare the drink by mixing lemon juice, maple syrup, water and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Drink it in sips all day for express weight loss.


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