5 of the Most Expensive Cities to Visit

Planning a vacation is no easy task. When deciding what city to travel to, how expensive it is should be a deciding factor.

Between hotel, airline and food costs, heading away from home for a few days or weeks can really put a damper on one’s pocketbook. These five destinations head up the list of some of the priciest places in the world to visit.

1. New York, New York

Tourists and locals know the one thing that makes New York City so expensive: location, location, location.While there are plenty of inexpensive attractions in the city, like Central Park and the Staten Island Ferry, finding a place to sleep in this city can be pretty pricey. While New York has plenty of hostels, the prices are much higher in other cities; New York regulates the number of beds hostels can accommodate in each room. Cheaper options like vacation rentals and Airbnb are now dwindling as the city has started placing regulations on subletting for renters in large buildings.

2. San Francisco, California

San Francisco often gives New York City a run for its money in terms of cost for travelers. Hotel costs usually head up the list of expenses in the City by the Bay, but food costs also make their way to the top. San Francisco is a foodie’s delight with plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants and celebrity chefs who have headed west. Renting a car can be a bit pricey here, too. Many travel agents suggest skipping a car altogether and using the city’s public transportation system, the BART train.Traveling during peak times, like the summer is also a big no-no for travelers looking to save a few dollars. Though San Francisco stays moderately warm all year long, the summers here are to die for, so travelling when others are headed to warmer climates might help keep costs down.

3. London, England

One of the main reasons visiting the queen can get a little pricey is the British pound. The pound generally has a high conversion rate, and tourists from America, Canada or Australia can end up paying almost twice what the local would pay for food and souvenirs. Like New York City and San Francisco, London also has a housing shortage, which means travelers will need to pony up some serious cash if they want to stay within city limits.

4. Qatar

Qatar is known as the world’s richest country per capita, which means visitors will need to pay for their stay. While the country has plenty of luxury apartments and hotels, budget accommodations are practically impossible to find. Located on an island off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar can get pretty hot. In the summer, temperatures can exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which means walking simply is not an option; visitors generally travel by town car or taxi cab. Since Qatar is an island, everyday items, like food and gas also tend to be more costly than on the mainland.

5. Maui, Hawaii

Like Qatar, Maui is an island, so basic items, like food and gas will cost more than on the mainland. Since Maui does not have a public transportation system, it can be a little pricey getting around this tropical paradise. Visitors will need to rent a car to get around (and to get to the best beaches). Since the island has become extremely touristy, many expensive hotels have opened up on Maui’s beaches and finding a budget hotel can be a little tricky. With plenty of chain restaurants opening in the area, dining out is relatively expensive, too.

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