5 Essential Oils for Flawless Skin

Skincare being considered as the most important beauty activity we do daily. Most of us are tired of using almost all skincare products. And also we are well aware of going natural remedies for our skincare problems. Oil cleansing is one of the oldest methods of skincare.

Though it sounds somewhat crazy at first, the idea of using natural oils to cleanse the skin gently actually makes a lot of sense. The basic idea of oil cleansing is to use natural oils in a specific combination to cleanse the skin and naturally balance the skin’s natural oils. This produces much more nourished and moisturized skin that traditional soap and detergent based facial cleaners. Most of us think that the oil may clog the pores and it tends to blackheads, but that is not true.

Every oil has its own property, for example, coconut oil is not prescribed for facial skin, it works well for body massage. Because it has a high comedogenic rating it tends to clog the pores of the skin, so it is implied that oils that work well for the body may not act the same to the face.

Here we can see 5 essential oils that exclusively work for your skin,

Almond oil

Vitamins A, B, and E are essential to keep your skin, young and supple. Most big brand skin care products contain these vitamins. Sweet almond oil is naturally rich in having these vitamins and other skin-friendly nutrients in abundance. Moreover, pure almond oil keeps your skin moisturized. Being noncomedogenic, and medium-light nongreasy lubricant, it gets into your skin easily without blocking skin pores.

Jojoba oil

It is a light oil that is easily absorbed. It mimics the skin’s sebum, tricking it to produce less oil. While it does not feel that your skin has oil on it. It is recommended to use a few drops of this oil before your bed when you wake up in the morning you can find the clear flawless skin.

Rosemary oil

It reduces the excess oil in the skin, making it a good choice for treating acne. It has an anti-inflammatory effect which reduces the redness of the skin caused by acne.

Hempseed oil

It has a zero comedogenic rating meaning it does not clog pores. It  helps to reduce the size of pores by helping to eliminate blackheads and acne. It also protects the skin from free radicals and improves elasticity. Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, it is often recommended for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

Tea tree oil

It contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which reduce the inflammation that leads to the swelling caused by bacteria of the skin. You can take a small piece of cotton wool, dip it in the oil and wipe the area of concern. If you have an extremely sensitive skin, dilute the oil with a carrier oil



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