5 Easy ways to switch to FEEL GOOD FOOD

Every morning we wake with the whole lot of thoughts about food. The satisfaction  a good food gives us cannot be replaced by whatever stimulus we go through for that day.  The food that makes you feel good and a lot of energy is termed as feel good food. It is always said that what to eat  should be decided from clearly knowing what not to eat. Feel good foods are mostly free from chemicals , preservatives and they are less processed. The recent surveys revealed that processed foods are one of the major causes of Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and some other chronic diseases.

Eating healthy and staying physically active are the two important things that you can do to maintain your health. A healthy food is the one which contains the essential nutrients in the right proportion. We can always feel the difference between natural food and the processed packed one. The processed food is one which is edible but not exist as it exists by nature and it is also chemical laden. Processed food here we are seeing is chemically processed food , we also have mechanically processed food like meat grounded in machine or butter from milk they still in their natural condition. So chemical processed foods are those you need to evade from your diet chart.

Here are the 5 easy ways to switch yourself from processed foods to feel good foods,

1. Support your favorites a little more:

Now you have decided to change your diet , list down your favorites on one side. Don’t start with eliminating all your favorite dishes on the go, it will end in failure soon. So start with one by one. First, pick up the easy dish that you can give up.

2. Breakfast bowl version 2.0:

Next, begin your change with the breakfast bowl. Many boxed cereals are loaded with lots of preservatives, added sugars and chemical flavorings. So try to skip the cap and crunch and other boxed cereals.  For the alternate, you can go for whole grain porridges , oats, and mixed fruits which can give the fibers you need for your day. And for the coffee cup , you need to filter the artificial flavors and the creams.

3. Dress your salad smart and fresh:

When we think of your midday meal, salad is the better option anyone can get. The salad packs out there in the shelves are added with daunting ingredients to increase their shelf life or to get an appealing look. So it is better to avoid those. The natural toppings you can use is lemon juice with salt and pepper which is basically an easy one which is able to satisfy your taste buds too. The same thing goes for sandwiches also.

4. Snack shrewdly:

We can plan for all your meals on a day , except the inevitable hunger strikes. So when you are planning to have a snack, try to avoid packed cookies, crackers, and other high sugar content pastries. Instead, you can go for the fresh fruits, nuts or sliced veggies.

5. Shop wisely:

Its all in your hands while you shop for your family’s nutrition for the week. First thing try to avoid highly processed oils, better to choose olive oil, coconut oil or fresh butter . Go for fresh veggies and fruits from a farmer of your local market instead of the packed one. Strictly avoid frozen foods, to maintain a good healthy and happy diet.




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