5 Best Alternates to Butter Worth a try

Butter is a beloved ingredient in most favorite recipes like cakes, breads, pasta’s and more. But the favorite cannot be good for you always, that too when you are aiming to check your diet. The fat found in butter is mostly the saturated variety – the kind that clogs arteries and raises LDL (bad) cholesterol, a contributing factor in heart disease.

For those trying to reduce the cholesterol content in their food, the first thing you have to avoid is the butter. So you can use butter to your occasional favorites, but what about your daily recipes. Here we are going to see certain alternates you can use instead of butter. With these alternates you can enjoy the creamy texture and taste of the butter but with more nutritious value and low fat content.


A half-and-half mix of mashed avocado and butter can be used to make soft, chewy baking recipes. Not only is this avocado mix considerably lower in calories compared with butter alone, it also cuts out the saturated fat, replacing it with healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Avocados are also rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamin K. The avocado-butter blend is especially good for baking cookies.

Pumpkin puree

Coffee cakes and muffins are a great place to swap in pumpkin puree. Not only will you benefit from added nutrients like vitamin k, potassium, and fiber, but you’ll also infuse delicious flavor into your baked goods for very little extra calories. Use ¾ cup of pumpkin puree for every cup of butter called for. Bonus: You can also swap in equal amounts pumpkin puree for any oil called for in baked goods, too.

Nut butter

Almond and peanut butter are delicious when spread on toast, bread, and bagels, and are the perfect alternatives to butter. They’re also full of healthy fats, fiber, and potassium, so make a much better nutritional choice. Another option you may like to try is dipping bananas pieces or strawberries into the nut butter for a healthy breakfast-time snack.


Another way to ensure moist, delicious baked goods while saving tons of calories is opting for applesauce, which works particularly well in sweet recipes. Applesauce is a fabulous swap when baking sweets because it adds moisture and fiber to your baked goods while saving tons of calories. Use equal amounts applesauce for the butter called for in your recipe.

Greek Yogurt

Replacing butter with Greek yogurt is a brilliant means of boosting your baking with extra protein, and keeping your food nice and moist, without loading on the calories and fat. Greek yogurt is full of healthy bacteria and yeast, and gives your cakes and breads a delicious velvety texture. For each cup of butter, use ½ cup of Greek yogurt instead.



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