5 Amazing Yoga Poses For Relieving Arthritis

Woman practicing yoga on the beach

Only people with arthritis know actually how many joints are there to help us movable. The pain they are handling is more to explain. There are various treatments for arthritis, but how you take care of your physical health is more important for an arthritis patient. Yoga is one of the way you take care of your body and mind to reduce the pain.

Yoga works best for arthritis patients because the joints of arthritis patient is very delicate, so yoga makes it possible to relax and give a relief to those joints. Many people with arthritis who are already practicing yoga feels like it makes their living more relieved from the pains.

For people with arthritis yoga treats in two different angles, one is it relaxes the pain due to RA and it promotes the immunity by activating your lymph system, this in turn reduces the inflammation of joints. Plus these stretching is great for maintaining the mobility.

Here we see some of the simple yoga poses you can do to get relief from RA pain,

Child’s pose

This one mainly concentrates on the spine and hip.


  • Drop on your knees, keep your knees wide.
  • Your toes must touch each other in the back,
  • Sit with your back onto your feet,
  • Keep your hands locked with each other in the back,
  • Now bend forward and touch the floor with your forehead.

This will give you good relaxation to spine and hip bones.

Cat pose (Marjaryasana )

This pose gives you a gentle relaxation to your spine and belly organs.

  • Start with get your hands and knees on the floor, with your hands directly beneath your shoulders
  • Your thighs should be parellel to your hands.
  • Keep the back and spine straight as a table
  • As you inhale, raise your chin and tilt your head back, push your navel downwards and raise your tailbone. Compress your buttocks.
  • Hold on in this position for few seconds
  • Follow this by a countermovement: As you exhale, drop your chin to your chest and arch your back up as much as you can; relax the buttocks.
  • Hold on in this position for few seconds
  • Return to normal position.

This pose will improve your overall health by activating your spinal fluid and stimulating your digestive tract.

Spine Twisting

It gives a overall relaxation to all the joints.


  • Lie on your back, draw your knees forward to your chest.
  • Keep your hands stretched across your shoulders,
  • Now rattle your bent leg over right side and turn your head to right side,
  • Then do the same action to your left side.

Bridge Pose


  • Lie on your back,
  • Set your feet on the floor,
  • Hold your ankle with hands,
  • Now uplift your entire body keeping your shoulders and head alone on the floor.
  • This gives a bridge like position,

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Seated Forward Bend is a basic yet little bit tough pose with several benefits in addition to relieving stress and anxiety. Additional benefits include:  streches the spine, and lower back, improves digestion,  reduces fatigue, stimulates the liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus. Keep the feet flexed and lower your forehead toward your knees.

  • Sit on the edge of a firm blanket, crossing your legs in front of you at the shins.
  • Balance your weight evenly across your sit bones. Align your head, neck, and spine. Lengthen your spine, but soften your neck. Relax your feet and thighs.
  • Reach your arms up overhead, lengthening your spine.
  • On an exhalation, slowly bow forward with your arms still extended. Rest your arms, hands, and forehead on the mat. If your forehead does not touch the mat, bend your elbows, stack your hands, and rest your forehead on your hands. You can also rest your forehead on a pillow or bolster.







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