3 Day Apple Detox Diet

You can find apples any time of the year and it is always the right time to start this diet which is based on the health benefits of the apple. The apple diet is one of the best known diets because it is short and gives great results. The reason is that apples are low in calories and in three days you can lose up to six pounds.

Potassium and fruit acids are a great combination for burning calories, boosting the metabolism and regulating digestion, while glucose balances sugar level in the blood.

Day one
Breakfast – whole wheat bread, cottage cheese, three pieces of apple
Snack – one apple and a plain biscuit
Lunch – 140 grams of fish, one apple, one orange and celery
Afternoon snack – 85 grams cottage cheese and one apple
Dinner – rye bread sandwich with cheese

Day two
Breakfast – 30 grams of fruit puree, 130ml of milk, a tablespoon of raisins and one apple
Snack – one apple
Lunch – one pancake (made of milk and eggs) with grated apple
Afternoon snack – 80 grams of low-fat yogurt and put pieces of sliced apple in it
Dinner – 40 grams of rice mixed with half a banana and one apple

Day three
Breakfast – one slice of rye bread, 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese and one apple
Snack – 140 grams of yogurt with grated apple and add a little lemon and cinamon
Lunch – 80 grams of baked chicken fillet, one apple, red pepper and lemon juice
Afternoon snack – one apple
Dinner – salad made of one apple and two carrots,one tablespoon of raisins and 50grams of cheese

Don’t forget to drink at least 1,5l of water a day during these three days. You well be amazed by how healthier and lighter you will feel after only 72 hours.


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