10 Useful reasons for figs

Reasons to include figs consume the health advantages of this incredible fruit:

1. Figs are a great way to obtain potassium, which helps to regulate blood pressure level and other important bodily functions. Omega 3 and Omega 6 they contain aid to maintain blood pressure level and  cardiovascular attacks too.

2. Figs are alkaline producing, assisting the body accomplish and maintain the disease-free healthy and balanced life.

3. Figs have age reversing properties, plus they are especially great for treating acne breakouts. Apply mashed fresh figs all over your face and let that dry for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

4. Fig is an effective treatment to increase intimate weakness. Put 4-5 figs in milk overnight, eat each morning to conquer weakness.

5. According to a research, figs can cure kidney stones. Boil 6 figs in a coffeepot with water. Consume this daily up to month to get rid of kidney stones.

6. Figs are full of vitamin B6, that has long been considered to be beneficial in treating morning sickness.

7. Tryptophan in figs can help get a good sleep and helps eliminate sleep problems like insomnia.

8. Figs have a good quantity of Vitamin C which helps lighten and also out the skin tone. Also, they are full of anti-oxidants that provides you healthy and glowing skin.

9. It’s popular that fig leaves could be consumed to get anti-diabetic attributes, they reduced the amount of insulin required by diabetics.

10. Figs are one of the highest plant with calcium sources,  that is a very good alternative for any therapeutic treatment of those who are allergic to products of milk.


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