10 tips to improve self-confidence

Confidence is the emotion of being certain about a hypothesis or perception. Self-confidence is the end result of series of action that you indulge in to uphold yourself  when the going gets rough. Self-confidence is not only a mindset , it is a learned , practiced and mastered skill. Here we go through 10 tips to boost your confidence,

  1. Empty the cup:

You have filled a cup with  coffee n’ no of times , but have you ever realized you can only fill the cup only when it is empty. Like that, you should empty the negative thoughts you have accumulated all through your life from your mind.

  1. Fill it with your favorite flavour:

Obviously , now you can catch the  flavour am mentioning . yes, the positive thoughts. Just fill yourself with the positive thoughts about you, your peers, your environment. When we were kids everything seems to be positive and working out for us. But we have lost to hold it when we grow up. thoughts are more powerful than you think . So, just fill don’t expect for a justification or confirmation.

3.Dress up:

Groom yourself nicely. go for a spa rejuvenation. you must be sure that you deserve some pampering. you may also try out the best selfie with that.

  1. Spend time with your best pal (‘U’):

No one else other than you can be the best person to value you. Start listening to your thoughts. Try to visualize your self-image and find the real you.

5.Give yourself a ‘NOD’:

This tip I directly got from my mom, Nodding your head is not only a signaling for ‘yes’ but also a strong boost action that gives extra oxygen to the brain that in turn signals you ‘YES YOU CAN’.

  1. Failure is OK:

Success is not the end result that comes like when you follow a formula in your chemistry lab. Every other factor like environment, situations and all things other than you and your hard work also imply. Failure is not the end , so just deal with it .Take up good things and wash out the stains.

7.Sweat a little more:

Exercise is a good one to boost your confidence. It obviously gives a great mindset. It re-energizes your body, new oxygen flow which in turn rushes new blood  flow.

  1. Act the part:

The body language you carry on implies a lot in your self-confidence level. Sit straight, act as if you are confident.

  1. Small goal is always beautiful:

Don’t aim for the moon at your first shot, aim for the fruit near you. set a goal you think it is achievable and achieve it. You can realize a heighten self-confidence than before.

  1. Equip yourself:

Preparation makes you the whole always. whatever things you try to do , you must be packed  the fullest of knowledge relating  that.So, knowledge gaining can give you more self-confidence in you.



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