Tips for people with low blood pressure

Some of those with low pressure do not feel strong pains, but some problem really complicates everyday life.

Dizziness, feeling like you are on a boat that drifts, pounding heart, unconscious, feeling cold, pale skin … all signs that indicate low pressure. It may be common physiological condition of the person, but occurs as a result of certain diseases, medications, even change the position of the body.

To hold down pressure to normal, it is necessary to adopt the following practices:

  • Salty enough food.
  • Besides many coffee to raise the pressure, after a brief spike, intake of caffeine usually lowers the pressure again.
  • Instead of regular coffee drinking tomato juice.
  • Avoid abrupt rising from a lying or sitting position.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Eat products that raise pressure – beet juice, tomato juice, olives and other foods that contain salt.
  • Eat a little but often.
  • Avoid long shower with hot water, swimming in pools terminal.
  • Not necessary medication. Try a tea of ​​rosemary.


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