10 Habits of happy people

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From our childhood to age old days we fix different goals for a different time period, we sincerely and hardly work towards that. But happiness is the one reason that makes us alive from attaining those goals. Everyone in  the world has their own dreams and goals but invariably bound by  one particular thing ,which is the happiness. Though everyone is linked by the thirst for happiness, the definition of happiness varies from individual to individual.

In a normal day, we usually meet many people around us our friends, relatives or a stranger accompanies while a travel. The very first thing we usually notice about them is whether they are happy or sad.  Some people in our lives seems to happy always. They have a big smile on their face, they naturally spread a positive energy to the atmosphere they are in. We observe their happiness but fails to notice their effort in bringing that.

Let us discuss on the 10 habits of happier people,


You can see a natural smile fixed always in the face of happier people , even when they don’t have much to smile about. It’s part of a state of mind, but more so, habitual behavior. The important part about smiling is that the change in physiology actually triggers a change in psychology. It makes your inner mind blossom like a flower every time you smile.

2.Nurture happy relationships

We are able to expand our network professionally, but happy people believe in relationships. They easily get along with friends. Having a few close relationships keeps people happier when they’re young, and has even been shown to help us live longer, with a higher quality of life.

3.Live in the moment

When you want to be happy, you must be physically and mentally available in the present. When your mind always grinds the crust of the past, you can never be happy. Whatever happened in the past cannot be changed now, likewise whatever you are going to plan for tomorrow is not 100% sure will go by its way. The only thing in your hands is today, so  live in the moment, cherish today’s experiences.

4.Be accountable

Always try to take responsibilities to your actions. So this obviously leads you to do the right thing. Happy people don’t want to take an upper hand or play some tricks to win a situation. Most happy people avoid the stress of hiding or masking their behavior.

5.Enrich and spread positivity

The mind has an unusual power, 80% of what you strongly believe is what happen to you. So try to include positivity in every aspect of your life. It is to be accepted that we must think of the worst that might happen, but not to worry a lot on that. Because a plan B should be made ready by you in the case plan A fails, but you should not work on failing plan A to go for plan B.

6.Welcome change

Change is the only thing you cannot avoid. Everybody have some comfortability level which restricts ourselves in accepting the change on the go. But the truth is if you are not changed for the environment you are in, the environment will be leaving you out. So accept the change from your inner conscious.

7.Don’t fix your happiness with external things

Happiness though differs from person to person, it is an emotion connected to your being. It is a live entity, so don’t link your happiness with the materials you acquire or things that are out of your control. As happiness gives your soul an ecstasy it should be coming from your inner self.

8.Stay fit & healthy

Exercise is a good one to boost your confidence. It obviously gives a great mindset. It re-energizes your body, new oxygen flow which in turn rushes new blood  flow. According to researchers, the happier people are almost regular fitness freaks.

9.Don’t yes instead of ‘NO’

In order to be happy, whatever situation may be you should find what your mind feels about it, and if you want to reject anything you should strongly do that. Because changing your decisions in considering others will never go to yield your peacefulness.

10.Live the life you want

Happiness is the flower inside you, a flower can blossom only when the roots are strong. Like that, if  you are loving what you are doing and  you have strong beliefs in your action, your happiness flower will always be there with you.




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